Trio Grosso

Trio Grosso

Trio Grosso has now been disbanded

After 30 years of wonderful music making Trio Grosso how now been disbanded. Several members of Trio Grosso will be forming a new performance group to play similar repertoire: a link will appear here once this has happened. (Message posted: 6th March 2015.)

Trio Grosso is an early music ensemble based in Perth, Western Australia. The group comprises up to nine members who enjoy playing for medieval fairs, banquets, weddings, parties, concerts and general good times.

The group was formed by an enthusiastic group of recorder players in late 1985 to provide appropriate music for a local play that had scenes set in the 1600s. The group's name derives from the fact that a much loved early addition to the repertoire was a recorder trio arrangement of the allegro from Handel's Concerto Grosso No. 1 in G which we usually had at least six people playing (thus a rather largish trio!).

The group's repertoire largely comprises medieval and renaissance songs and dances but also encompasses folk music from many cultures and a range of modern compositions. Although the nucleus of the group is a recorder consort ranging from great bass recorder up to the tiny garklein floetlein recorder, the group also performs with a range of wind, string and percussion instruments.

Click here to find out more about the instruments played by members of Trio Grosso.

Here are some recordings of Trio Grosso in performance that you can download. (Recorded by Brendan Tibbs during a concert in the Perth Modern School Auditorium, October, 2005.)

Trio Grosso

The current members of Trio Grosso are:

Janet Allen Recorders, Percussion, Keyboard
Rosemary Ayers Recorders, Bones
Ruth Bailey Crumhorns, Recorders, Gemshorns, Vocals
Colin Beasley Crumhorns, Recorders, Gemshorns, Vocals, Guitar
Monika Cowell Viols, Recorders, Gemshorns, Crumhorns, Mirliton, Percussion
Alec Duncan Hammered Dulcimer, Recorders, Crumhorns, Gemshorns, Vocals
Petra Holstein Recorders, Gemshorns, Percussion
Russell Johnsen Hurdy-gurdy, Rebec, Violin, Oud, Bagpipes, Percussion
Angela Laiber Rebec, Violin, Percussion, Vocals, Recorders

Trio Grosso performs at: weddings, banquets, parties, festivals, concerts - just about anything really!

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Trio Grosso contact info
Trio Grosso in performance

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